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ΑΒΤΑ – The Travel Convention 2015, the UK travel industry’ s flagship event at Peloponnese

The Region of Peloponnese welcomed the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) at the port of Pylos, on October 12th, with an impressive party, inaugurating their annual conference. With the Labor of Hercules and the Stymphalian Birds as the event’ s story guideline, FYE - For Your Event built a spectacular setting, where the central point of reference, the logo Π taken from the tourism campaign Mythical Peloponnese, was projecting all the beauties of the destination by using mapping technology. The traditional dances show and the rich cultural program by Paris Mexis and the soprano Irene Karayanni. The famous and recognized Chef Christoforos Peskias with his local partners took over the catering. After that a lively DJ party followed. Our partner Manes photography and his crew undertook to capture the best moments of the event. The entire event was curated by For Your Event.

Event Details