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Our Clients

We are privileged to be working with some of the most well-known companies in the world. Since our founding in 2011, FYE – For Your Event has become well-known as a trusted partner of many private organisations. We have worked closely and successfully with all our clients, and pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding all of their high expectations. Here, you can find a selection of client organisations we already work closely alongside.


What People Says About For Your Event

We are always taking care each case individually and with great attention to details. Our happy customers are the ones who motivate us to excel more and work harder. Thank you all for your warm and nice feedback
"“Hello Thomas and the FYE team!! We’d like to thank each one of you for making our fairy tale wedding come true! THANK YOU! Our guests are still in awe over the details of all the wedding festivities. Some of them said that this was the best wedding they ever went to! This was possible thanks to your thoroughness, diligence, exceptional planning, attention to detail, and care and love in making everything perfect and fluffy for us and all of our guests. And tons of hard work on your part! To be honest, all things worked out even better than we could imagine. We loved collaborating and mixing together with you and your team. Everyone was very kind, caring and thoughtful. One could not have hoped for a better team! We wish you all the best in future events organization and we hope your love reflects in all of them like it did at our celebration”!

Heidi & Misha,

"“Thank you! For making our Dream Wedding come true…you are an AWESOME TEAM”!!!

Stratis & Sara

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